Half-Day Workshops

March 11, 2020


J-1 Advising: Students and Scholars

This workshop provides training to Alternate Responsible Officers through a comprehensive overview of the J-1 Exchange Visitor program, including program purpose, rules and requirements, program categories in the academic setting, and eligibility and procedures for the specific J program categories for both students and scholars.  Additional topics covered will include relevant regulations, SEVIS, obtaining the J visa, travel, and Program Sponsor responsibilities.  Workshop will include case studies to review concepts with illustrative scenarios and outcomes. 


Social Media & Digital Marketing for the Busy International Educator

Is developing or implementing a social media & digital marketing strategy a project you’ve had on the back burner for months (maybe years…)? Has your director indicated to you that being present on social media should really be something you focus on, but you haven’t been able to find the time? Welcome to the club! As international educators, we often wear several hats in our offices – none of which officially say Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager for our office. In this interactive workshop, we hope to present various FREE and simple to use tools to help you develop and implement a social media strategy, and evaluate the results of that strategy. This workshop will cover three essential aspects of successful social media and digital marketing strategies:
1.    Campaign Planning & Implementation
2.    Content Creation
3.    Interpreting & Presenting the Data
After covering these three areas, participants will have some time to begin developing pieces of their campaign, including starting their campaign calendar and creating some content. The goal of this workshop is to provide practical and simple ways to begin implementing a social media campaign that any busy international educator can use.


Breaking Into the Field

The field of international education encompasses a wide variety of areas, organizations, and individuals. Join us for a half-day workshop that focuses on articulating personal and professional international experience / education, and identifying resources to help you increase your knowledge of international education. Hear from new and seasoned professionals in the field and add your voice to the discussion.


Finding the Pulse of Your Audience

This workshop will help international education professionals improve their presentation and training skills in meetings, conference presentations, and training sessions. The interactive workshop will share best practices, analyze generational differences in audience members, demonstrate how to incorporate technology into presentations, and provide insights into successful storytelling techniques to enliven presentations.